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About BluntGold Goldmine of Premium Quality Fragrances

We offer premium quality fragrances and fragrance products collection. From hand-dipped incense to oil based air fresheners to candles to smoke exterminator with natural waxes with high bloom long lasting fragrances, goldmine of fragrances.
We offers 100% concentrated oil based air fresheners with over 100 fragrances.

100%Concentrated Oil Based Air fresheners.
100+ Type of Fragrances Available Now.
7 OZ Spray Fragrance Available Now.

What we do

Air fresheners

Blunt Gold fresheners are high quality fresheners distinguished by the variety of long lasting fragrances and original design. For awesome extraordinary scents smells perfect, high speed & dynamic made with a special oil based to match your fantasies.

Scented Candles

Airscentso jam jar scented candle is perfect smoke exterminator with natural waxes. The special enzyme formulation with deep scent technology have a strong throw to remove smoke, pet and household odors while leaving a refreshing fragrance behind. Each 13oz Airscentso candle burn approximately 70 hours!